Lemongrass Soy Sauce Pork Chops

I bought a jar of fragrant ground lemongrass powder from a spice shop in Bali and I have been dying to try it out.  Luckily I had some lovely fresh bone-in pork chops in the fridge so I decided to create a marinade.

After marinating the pork for two days, I cooked them in a large skillet with oil until it was slightly charred and crispy on the outside. My husband mistook them for kalbi and gobbled them to the bone (I was so happy!). Best part was that no chopping was involved if you have a jar of pre-minced garlic.


1/3 cup brown sugar
1 Tb minced garlic
2 Tb hoisin sauce
1/3 cup of soy sauce
1 Tb ground lemongrass
Dash of fish sauce
4 bone-in thin pork chops


1. Mix the first six ingredients. Rub the marinade generously on both sides of the pork chops and place the pork in a ziplock bag. Pour the rest of the leftover marinade into the bag. Let it marinade for at least 12 hours (longer for more flavor).

2. Add oil to a large skillet and turn heat to medium high. When the oil is sizzling, add the pork chops. Cook for about 3 minutes on each side or until the pork is brown and starting to char. Cut the meat to check for doneness before serving.

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