Living on Ready-to-Eat Foods: Costco Edition

I had a grand plan to introduce you to a Shanghai recipe every other day. Alas, between fighting jet lag and work projects, I spent the last week living off of Costco and frozen foods. In case you ever wondered if that tagliatelle grilled white chicken with portobello mushroom sauce is worth $11, below is a summary of my LazyAsianEats (Costco-Edition). You may notice that the stuff I chose aren’t very “asian”, but you gotta understand I’ve been eating food in Asia nonstop for a month. Cut me some slack :).

Activia Yogurt – Easy to grab and go and good for digestive health.

Lox & Brie – On a few rare occasions when I had time to have a sit-down breakfast, I made myself a simple plate of salmon lox and brie. Brie is a creamy decadence I rarely allow myself to buy, but it was on sale.

Cheese Spirella Minis – These come in packs of three.

Seeds of Change – Costco offers a few different flavors. My favorite is the quinoa and brown rice with garlic. Simple to heat up in a microwave and filling and healthy too.

Dinner was the category I splurged on with three mouths to feed in the evening.

Tagliatelle grilled white chicken with portobello mushroom sauce – You mix all the ingredients into the provided container and microwave for 8 minutes. Flavor is fantastic and the portion size could work for three people if you have other side dishes.

Costco Caesar Salad Kit – The caesar salad kit comes with garlic croutons, fresh parmesan, fragrant black pepper, and dressing. It’s so perfect that it tricked my husband into thinking I made the dressing with fresh lemon zest.


Ruprecht’s Beef Chateaubriand – New to Costco! The beef was moist and flavorful. With the addition of the included creamy sauce, every bite was a mouthful of deliciousness.

Side Dish:
Harry’s Organic Mashed Sweet Potatoes – Slightly disappointing. The mashed sweet potatoes were too sweet and the texture was too mushy. I think next time I will buy fresh sweet potatoes and just bake them with some maple syrup and butter.

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