Chinese Tea Braised Eggs

I used to imagine those tea eggs got their beautifully marbled skin from being steeped in a brew of dark black tea. My guess was close, but I was forgetting two other crucial ingredients: Soy sauce and sugar.  This Chinese tea eggs recipe from my grandmother is the most basic and laziest version (you can get fancy with spices on your own time).

Chinese Tea Eggs


5 boiled eggs (Are you boiling your first egg? Check out this guide)
soy sauce
1 white sugar cube
2 plain black tea bags


1. Use a spoon to make cracks on the boiled eggs. The cracks will help the egg soak up the sauce and create the famous marble texture. Think of it like an art project.

2. Add enough soy sauce to almost cover the eggs and then add enough water to completely cover the eggs. Bring the liquid to boil. Add the sugar and tea bags. Turn heat to low and let it simmer for 10 minutes.

3. Turn off the heat. Leave the eggs to steep in the liquid for as long as possible (ideally a whole day). If you are hungry and short on time like me, you can wait two hours and then eat the eggs, but you may need to dip them in the sauce for more flavor.

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