BBQ Beef Rice Bowl

Rice bowls, grain bowls, salad bowls – these beautiful bowls topped with an assortment of meat and vegetables are all the rage right now.  The thought of putting one together at home can seem time consuming, but all you really need for this recipe is your rice cooker, a darn good marinade, egg, hot sauce, and pickled vegetables. There’s minimal prep and the actual cooking takes less than 30 minutes.


1 lb pre-cut beef strips
1/2 cup Korean BBQ Marinade (I love the We Rub You Korean BBQ Marinade)
pre-cooked rice
green onions, chopped
picked red onions (click here for recipe)


1. The day before you are planning to make this recipe: Put the beef strips in a large ziplock bag and pour in the marinade. Seal the bag and gently massage marinade into the meat. Leave it in the fridge overnight. Then make a fresh batch of rice with your rice cooker.

2. Next day, add some oil to a large skillet and add the beef strips. Cook until it is no longer pink. Cover the pan to keep the beef warm.

3. In another skillet, make sunny side eggs. Be careful not to overcook – you want the yolk to be slightly runny.

4. Putting together the bowl: First add rice to your bowl. Then top the rice in the order of beef and pickled onions, egg, drizzle of sriracha, and sprinkle of green onions.

Tip: When you dig into the bowl, make sure to break the yolk and mix it into the rice!

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