Jimmy Dean Fried Rice

Costco is dangerous. My husband bought more Jimmy Dean sausages than I knew what to do with. One lazy night, I decided to try making fried rice with Jimmy Dean. It’s pork, it’s  pre-seasoned, and most importantly it’s filling, so I didn’t see a downside.

I tossed and crumbled a pound of Jimmy Dean sausage in a copper pan until it was fully cooked and then did my usual a little bit of this and that and TADA, best fried rice ever – according to my husband.


8oz Jimmy Dean Regular Pork Sausage
1/2 cup of frozen peas
2 cups of cooked rice
2 eggs, beaten
soy sauce
1 green onion, chopped


1. Heat up a nonstick pan on medium high heat. Add the sausage. Use a mix n chop tool to crumble the sausage into smaller pieces. Add the peas until they are heated through. Transfer the cooked sausage and peas to a plate.

2. Add a little bit of oil or butter to the same pan. Add the rice and stir to coat it in oil. Let the rice sit for a few minutes so it crisps up. Add the sausage and peas back into the pan and stir until everything is heated through. Turn the heat off and slowly mix in the beaten eggs.

3. Add soy sauce and pepper to taste. Top with chopped green onions.

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