Easy Chinese Red Bean Sticky Rice Dessert

This dessert, comprised of mostly sticky rice and red bean paste is a family tradition. Every year my granduncle is tasked by my grandma to make a batch and deliver them as gifts to family members.

This dessert is difficult to find in the US, though if you are lucky to live in a city with DinTaiFung, you can find it on the menu as the “Eight-Treasure Sticky Rice”.

When my grandma came to visit me, I asked her to show me a simplified version of the dish using butter instead of traditional lard. It turned out well enough to satisfy my cravings. Enjoy!


1 cup Thai sticky rice, cooked
4 TB melted butter
can of red bean paste
Assorted toppings like nuts and dried fruits


1. Cook the sticky rice.

2. Mix the cooked rice with melted butter and as much sugar as you want, depending on how sweet you like the rice. Keep in mind: The red bean paste is very sweet.

3. Spray a small round bowl with nonstick oil. Add toppings to the bottom of the bowl.

4. Add half the rice. Add as much red bean paste as you want. Then add the other half of rice on top of the red bean paste. You are essentially creating three layers.

5. Steam the bowl for about 20 minutes until heated through.

Serve hot.

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