One-Pot Mapo Tofu with Sausage

The best thing about ground sausage is that it is versatile and pre-seasoned.

When I returned home from the holidays, I went into my fridge and examined what needed to be cooked. There was a package of unopened tofu. I knew that I had plenty of ground pork in the freezer so it made sense to put mapo tofu on the dinner menu.

As I started taking out the pork, I noticed another package of frozen sausage. I thought to myself: If I swapped out half the ground pork with this naturally flavorful ground sausage, then perhaps I wouldn’t have to spend extra time tweaking the final seasoning.

Indeed, that was the case and my experiment turned out beautifully. 🙂

One-Pot Mapo Tofu with Sausage


1 green onion, sliced. Divide the white and green parts.
1 package firm tofu, drained and cut into cubes
3 oz ground pork
3 oz ground sausage
1/2 cup cherry tomatoes, sliced in half
1/2 cup soy sauce
ground white pepper (key ingredient)*


1. Add oil to a deep skillet and turn heat to medium high. Once the oil is hot, add the white part of the green onions, the ground pork, and ground sausage. Crumble the meat.

2. When the meat is almost fully cooked, add the tomatoes, tofu, and soy sauce. Gently stir to mix. Cover the skillet and turn heat to the lowest setting. Let the skillet simmer until the liquid is slightly reduced and tofu is heated through. Turn the heat off.

3. Add a dish of sugar. Add a generous sprinkle of white pepper. Stir gently to mix.  Do a taste test and if necessary, add salt. Sprinkle with the remaining green onions and serve with rice!

Serves 2.

*Not all white peppers are made equal. When buying white pepper powder, make sure it has a strong and fragrant peppery smell. It will make a big difference. I currently use the brand Golden Coins.

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